Our experience in implementing ERP systems for offline and online business

We can support your company in selecting and configuring an ERP system.

The main part of the work is training your employees, filling in the system with data for efficient use and setting up daily work with it. For this purpose, the system you have chosen should reflect the real processes of the company and be as convenient as possible. Thanks to iterations as a part of the agile approach, we work with different teams to track progress and tailor the system to make it more user-friendly for employees.

The purpose of this process is to involve each employee in the new system. We are confident that this is one of the main conditions for success and it is a continuous process until the system and interaction with employees becomes stable. All that is necessary for its long-term and sustainable use.

After implementation, we accompany the process of updating and filling the system in the department or company so that the work of employees is simplified, not more complex.

In our work, we mainly use kanban and kaizen approaches, while in the implementation of systems with company teams we use scrum methodology.

Cooperation between employees, ERP system and administrators makes it possible to adjust the system to ever-changing business needs. The ERP system will reflect both the daily work and the actual implementation of company’s vision.

We will make the ERP system a part of your real workflow in which everyone wants to work and actively influence its update.

The ERP and software systems include resource management, process management, task management and documentation.