Dialog and Culture

We support cultural institutions in projectmanagement.

We advise in strategy and partner relations. 

We develop focused theme programs and events.

We create own projects in the field of sustainability and social engagement. 


Business Social

Social Engagement and Networks

We help social organization in content and presentation management.

We support NGOs in fundraising and partner relations.

We develop CSR programs for business companies.

We advise in cooperation management between social and business sphere.

Business Support

We advise in creating a sustainable corporate social responsibility strategy.

We support in Stakeholder Relations.

We offer communication and strategie trainings. 

We develop and organize workshops and programs with special topics.

We create and organize VIP programs and tours.


We help companies to set up business processes on a company and department levels.

We consult on project and team management.

We develop new concept to sustain and obtain Human Resources.

We are certificied in LSP and offer target oriented workshops.

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