We help to develop strategies and set up business processes.

We advise in Team- und Stakeholder Management.

We develop concepts to sustain Human Capital in the companies during the transformation processes.

We are certified as a Lego Serios Play Facilitator and offer target-oriented workshops.

Project Management

We develop goal-oriented programs and events.

We create sustainable social-oriented projects.

We support NGOs in Fundraising and Partner Management.

We design, manage and evaluate projects on demand depending on your needs.

Social Engagement

We advise in creating a sustainable corporate social responsibility strategy and programs.

We develop focused theme programs and workshops.

We advise in cooperation management between social, political and business sphere.

We build structures of supported projects in the field of sustainability and social engagement.

Social media and PR strategies

We help to define PR strategies in line with corporate values.

We analyze target groups to successfully advance organisations and projects.

We develop strategic networks with relevant partners.

We create project- and target group-specific social media campaigns.