Lego Serious Play is an innovative methodology for promoting communication processes and finding solutions.

Through the 4D perspective you can:

  • Represent the status quo in companies
  • Break up communication problems
  • Develop new teams and promote old ones
  • Find solutions for strategic tasks

Particularly effective in interdisciplinary teams, in change processes, strategy developments or projects with multiple partners.

With the use of Lego Bricks, a very focused presentation of task and problem solving in the company or team is possible. Fixed rules and processes can quickly resolve internal misunderstandings and control external influences as much as possible.

The 4D perspective promotes new perspectives, more objective access to the process and more transparent communication.

With the targeted adjustment of the figures and structures, factors and common values ​​can be worked out very precisely. Through the joint design, you incorporate the knowledge of all participants and develop new perspectives with which everyone can identify.