LEGO® Serious Play® Workshops for the sustainable development of your organisation 

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Only kids play with Lego? – We say: wrong. Because LEGO® Serious Play® opens up an innovative and effective possibility for your company to Optimize processes.  The 4D perspective of this so-called “tactile game” promotes an objective reflexion process through visualisation. Playfully new points of view are created, shared values are worked out, transparent communication is encouraged and visions developed.    



Inclusion and diversity: Teamdevelopment for your employees

Goal: Understanding of the theme with a focus on:

  • Global culture of the company 
  • Gender equality 
  • Integrative leadership 
  • Collective responsibility 
To the process

Part 1: Collective Understanding

Playful introduction to the themes 

  • Our Company culture
  • Status Quo vs. Target state
  • Awareness of eachother 
  • Collective understanding (company as a whole) 

Part 2: communication  

  • Our communication culture 
  • Status Quo vs. Target state
  • Sender vs. receiver
  • Shared values 

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Sustainable transformation: Company development with LEGO® Serious Play®

Goals of the Workshop: Understanding for the possibilities and challenges:

  • Role of sustainability 
  • Internal and external expectations of sustainability
  • Ways towards sustainable transformation
  • Shared understanding: expertise and values for the sustainable transformation of our company  
Zum Prozess

Part 1: Shared Understanding

Playful introduction to the themes and their meaning: 

  • Definition in the company 
  • Status Quo vs. Target state
  • How we get there 
  • Shared Understanding 

Part 2: Work out process

  • Which main goals do we have
  • Which added value do we want to contribute (Output/Input) 
  • What are the challenges
  • Who are our Stakeholders
  • How does the company have to be to reach these goals
  • Collective principles for sustainable transformation

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Roles and understanding: LEGO® Serious Play® Workshop to develop and improve transparent communication processes

Goal: Understanding of the theme with a focus on

  • Tasks and roles in the company
  • Added value of every employee
  • Interdependency of the fields of activity
  • Shared understanding of the company organisation  
To the process

Part 1: Shared understanding 

Playful Introduction to the themes 

  • Our field of activity 
  • Our role and added value 
  • Company structure and own contribution 
  • Overall understanding (Company as a whole)

Part 2: Values and goals

  • Our values
  • Own vs. company values
  • Goals and tasks
  • Own vs. company goals 
  • Shared values and goals

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To our presentation


Especially interdisciplinary teams or teams with various partners as well as teams in processes of change and strategy development profit from this method.  

Key data on the Workshop-procedure:  

  • individual design  
  • planing in dialog  
  • from 4 hours to 2 days  
  • from minimum 2 participants  
  • directly at your location  

Every workshop of ours begins with a free consultation.
In this way your goals are given maximum consideration and the workshop is planned individually. The length of the workshop can vary depending on which goals you want to reach. 

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In the following some examples of how LEGO® Serious Play®  can support you: 

Strategy development

Is your company undergoing a transformation process or realignment and you want the whole team to have the same understanding of the vision for the future, speak the same language and pursue the new strategy together?

Of course you can have lots of conversations, write minutes and define wording.

However, to avoid everyone in your team reading the minutes a little differently, understanding the conversations differently or interpreting the words differently, you can alternatively do a LEGO® Serious Play® workshop together. This will strengthen your team spirit, develop a common language and allow you to work out a strategy together that everyone can understand and contribute to. The process of such a workshop is structured as follows:

Step 1: Learn to build and interpret Lego.

Step 2: Build your own understanding of the vision.

Step 3: Explaining and understanding a vision using the Lego work.

Step 4: Build a common team vision from all subjective visions.

In this way, our workshop creates a joint, jointly developed vision of the future of your company that integrates all interpretations!

The rules: 

  • Your corporate vision must encompass all the views and understandings of the entire team.
  • Everyone must agree with the composite vision and recognize themselves and their own ideas.
  • No new versions may be developed during assembly. We work with the visions from step.
Team development

Do you have a new project and want to put together a team? Do you have a young company and want to grow together as a team? Or do you want to develop common values for yourself and your team?

With LSP you can playfully work on your project and drive forward the best possible development.

In our workshop, we help you to do this:

Understand each team member and their individual understanding of how to work together.
Identify the most important thing for everyone in your team.
Work out your shared values, in which everyone sees themselves reflected.
Establish a shared team vision and an understanding of each other.
In 1-2 days, you will not only have shared values and understanding, you will also understand the views and values of everyone in your team, enabling you to work together more transparently and effectively.

Market-suitability: Flexibility and resilience

Use Lego to recreate the landscape of your company and understand its position in the market. With LEGO® Serious Play® you can recreate the world of your company in 4D, define relationships and dependencies to and from your partners and stakeholders. Work out unique selling points in the market and identify the most important challenges and advantages.

And what’s special: in the second step, you can simulate possible, probable and improbable scenarios using the landscape built in front of you from Lego bricks. You can see live what impact these would have on your company, your partners and your unique selling points.

By rebuilding, rebuilding and rebuilding again, you and your management team will get a better feel for your company and quickly recognize the risks. This allows you to predefine individual solutions during the workshop.


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