music is her passion Society– the multimedia magazine about and for women in the music scene.

The magazine wants to empower women in the music world with versatile formats.

With various formats, such as studio talks, interviews, festival documentaries, backstage stories, album reviews, portraits, background reports and much more, we want to illuminate the music scene and women in all their facets. A special focus lies on the strong women, who work behind the scenes and are otherwise not heard in the media.

Through the integration of social media formats, the magazine also gives all interested parties the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the content.

By controversial discourse and the breaking open of clichés the magazine becomes the revolutionary element in the music industry.

The aim is to turn our Berlin initiative into a worldwide movement that stands for freedom and equality, regardless of skin colour, gender or culture.

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Mia Heresch, director and host:

„Since I can think, music has played a central role in my life. I still remember exactly the moment when music entered my life in the form of young up-and-coming German and international Indirock bands, of which I was infinitely enthusiastic at that time and which I can count among my friends today. As a teenager I found the answers of life in
music, which nobody else could give me at that time.
The enthusiasm for music has remained and I still can’t imagine anything more beautiful than to deal with music and to deepen my knowledge more and more. I love
to talk to musicians, to accompany them and to portray them. I am incredibly grateful for having worked with artists like Helene Fischer, the Toten Hosen or the Fantastischen Vier and now I see my absolute professional fulfilment in
this project. The topic of women in the music industry is particularly close to my heart, because as a young mother since the birth of my son I have been able to think a lot about the role of women in society and can now share all my musical knowledge and the essence of
my philosophical discourses with the world in order to make my contribution to making our planet a more harmonious and peaceful place where equal opportunities
and equal rights prevail.“