High Art Bureau is supporting Urania Berlin e.V. in the implementation of the project Urania kontrovers.

The project focuses on controversial dialogue and active exchange between the audience and the podium guests.


We dare the experiment: real conflicts, real confrontation – and an audience that not only observes but is an active part of the discussion as well as finding a solution. Strong moderation creates a climate of respect and collegiality. At the same time, these contradictions are resolved and ensure that arguments are separated from worldviews and visions are discussed for their feasibility. The aim of our event is not entertainment, but empowerment for democratic opinion and critical thinking.

Urania controversially breaks the habits of classical Urania events. Following the example of the amphitheater, the various experts and the moderator (inner circle) sit in the middle of the audience (outer circle). If a participant of the outside circle wants to participate in the discussion, he can ask questions, give his opinion or even deal with other spectators.

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