High Art Bureau offers workshops on demand—whether a creative workshop, a brainstorming session about strategic orientation, or supporting the change-management processes—we organize, find relevant experts, implement and evaluate.

Creative Workshops for Teams:

  • Story Telling, theatre pedagogics, Worldcafe—everything is possible in order to find new paths and explore new methods. Experienced trainers guide you through different point of view on your problem or topic to jump to conclusions, necessary for your business. While playing you learn different instruments you can implement in your daily routine to the benefit of your business.

Communication and strategy:

  • Whether with Design Thinking or Lego Serios Play methods, we conduct finding processes that help you to catch the ideas and to develop the stategies. Our Trainings motivate you to use the resources in your company in a different way. You Team enjoys the collaborating process and advances new ideas.

Social-oriented teambuildings, work parties and stuff outing:

  • Wheelchair basketball at the summer party, picking up litter as a team challenge after (or instead of) barbecue, sign language workshop moderated by a deaf actor as a motivation to explore your own creative potential…social activism and responsibility may have different faces. Thanks to our broad network we can organize events depending on your directives and wishes so that not only your colleagues remember it, but you also contribute to the sustainable development of our society.