“For us at the High Art Bureau, commitment to sustainable development also means that we are committed to an environment of more active participation in the areas of climate and environmental protection, equality and inclusion and the knowledge transfer necessary for this to take place. The Urania Citizens’ Forum addresses precisely these aspects and offers a platform for social dialogue and participation, both cornerstones of a functioning democracy and society.” – Leonie Liekefett, Project Manager, High Art Bureau   

A forum for citizens’ dialogue is being created at the Urania Berlin!  

Democracy and participation are inextricably interwoven and should be thought of together, especially in today’s challenging times. This is exactly where the new Citizens’ Forum comes in as a centre for dialogue between science, politics and society.  

Throughout the five new series, outstanding literature, experts worth listening to and an open dialogue with citizens remained a part of the program in November and December.

On behalf of the Urania Berlin e.V. and funded by the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family, we once again conceived, organised and accompanied the various event formats in which citizens can actively participate and get involved. Our tasks ranged from conception, communication and organisation to implementation and administration. We acted as an interface between curators, experts and the client—Urania. 

High Art Bureau was very pleased to continue to support the development of the Citizens’ Forum as a project partner with our expertise and drive and to have cordially invited you to participate in the diverse programme. 

Contact person:  

Leonie Liekefett, project manager, responsible for the topics environment and sustainability  


Event tips for the winter: Our top 5

09.11.2023: Culinaric Wedding! Mia Heresch takes us on a sustainable tour of restaurants in Berlin. Tickets and information on the Urania website.

17.11.2023: Always worthwhile is the panel “Science and Politics with Fritz Habekuß”, this time on the topic of how language shapes the perception of our society and environment. Tickets and information on the Urania website.

29.11.2023: In the format of a “House of Commons debate”, everyone gets to join in the discussion and take a position on the topic of “How can AI help us live sustainably? Tickets and information on the Urania website.

06.12.2023: Today’s workshop by Sookee will be all about political demands as well as cultural and media developments on the topic of sign language in germany. Tickets and information on the Urania website.

13.12.2023: The panel will discuss the exciting question of how we can promote a more equitable distribution of resources, opportunities and responsibilities between generations. Tickets and information on the Urania website.