We want to use the synergies of Wissensstadt 2021 und Berlin Science Week projects to promote a “city kick-off” as a cozy networking event, to invite the partners to actively participate and to confront the latest scientific ideas from Berlin. High Art Bureau was asked make a concept and organize this event.

Special attention will be directed towards the presentation of Berlin as an innovative science hub. This shall be achieved by presenting innovative ideas of young scientists through posters, followed by a dialogue between the scientists, the experts, and the visitors. This way every interested person, young or old, will get to participate in the discussion.

To enable innovation and diversity, we will introduce a public application process for participation in the Tabula Rasa event. All ideas will be screened and transformed into poster presentations. The spotlight will be put on young and diverse scientists from Berlin.

The public discourse will be promoted through interactive dialogues and competitions following the poster presentation session. Additionally, the visitors can vote on which presentations were the clearest, the most fascinating and/or the most innovative.

The dialogical program is supplemented by a short film program on the subject of “StadtNatur – Berlin ecologically thinking”. Here the visitors can immerse themselves in the dialog of the topics of biodiversity and climate change and experience different worlds in a very lively way. In the subsequent Q&A session with the filmmakers and protagonists, visitors can ask their questions.

A moderated final discussion brings politicians and scientists into conversation. Finally, the end in Café Urania offers all participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and network.

A separate interactive area “Understanding Science” will be set up for children.

Tabula Rasa is funded by the Berlin Senate Chancellery – Science and Research