Wewillrollyou – Wheelchairbasketball doing school at schools in Munich

Inclusion is a big subject in Europe. Nevertheless, many state institutions do not really know how to behave, so inclusion becomes a “natural way” to live, learn and work.
In team sports everybody brings his advantages to his group and has to be part of it, no matter what.
We bring these two things together to make the inclusive way of school live as easy as being part of a team.

The idea behind the project is to bring children with and without disabilities to play basketball together. In wheelchairbasketball everybody is sitting on the same level, with the same initial situation and facing the same challenges. So no matter which background the people have, every child has to learn the same communication and the behaving rules on the court.

2019-2020 we have the opportunity to bring this idea of communication, behavior and attitude on one level in school, to show the pupils and interested children how easy and fun live can be in an inclusive society.

More information on wewillrollyou.de 

A Project of RBB-München, together with High Art Bureau GmbH. Supported by die Aktion Mensch and Stiftung Allianz für Kinder

On 24 und 25 of august the Iguanas are hosting a Wheelchairbasketball Clash with the participation of the national teams from Russia, Austria and Switzerland. Wewillrollyou Project is inviting all children and young people to try this amazing team sport and participate in a clash with the professional players.

Fotos 1-5: Thilo Schmülgen

RBB München Trainer Interview (german)